Cory Knox

Run PowerShell no matter what

Categories: learnings
VS Code is pretty amazing. Having the ability to edit virtually all of your files, and launch debugging sessions of them. But what if you have a codebase that has a .vscode/launch.json file and want to debug a PowerShell script? Unfortunately, by default, F5 will only debug PowerShell if there are no debugger configurations. This means that pressing F5 will attempt to run the configured debugger for your workspace regardless of if you’re in a PowerShell file.

Preventing Updates on Vagrant Boxes

Categories: General Computering
Picture the scenario: You have a Vagrant box that you’ve set up for testing purposes. It’s a Windows Server system, so you don’t worry about disabling Windows Updates. Then you reboot the VM to find that Windows has decided to install updates, and so you must wait for it to do it’s thing. But, what do you do? How can you prevent this? WSUS! But alas, what if you need to install something that is a Windows Update?

New year? New site!

Categories: changing the site
So it’s a new year, so naturally that means a new static site generator! Instead of writing a blog post like I planned, I’ve ripped out my old static site generator (Statiq) and replaced it with Hugo. But, at least for the month of January I plan to post at least 3 times! So I’ve got that going for me πŸ˜„

A new site? Of course there is...

Categories: changing the site
So I’ve have this domain for just about two years now. What have I done with it? Exactly nothing! So… I’ve been eyeing up Statiq for a while. Finally I’ve moved my old site over to this one, with all of the blog posts. What’s going to be on here? No idea! Mostly just my ramblings. Perhaps some rants about what’s bothering at the moment. For now, have some old posts that are probably no longer relevant, but they’re still here just in case.

Configuring ChocolateyGUI for non admin use

Categories: General Computering
Tags: windows
The other day I needed to fix something on my children’s laptops. This brought to my attention that when I set them up I had given them admin. Naturally this is not an ideal setup. But the issue becomes: How do I grant them the ability to install software without needing to reach out to me too often. Quite simply, they need the ability to run installations as an administrator, but not the ability to just become administrator.

Announcing #BridgeConf

What is the best part of the PowerShell community? That’s an excellent question. As a community, we have numerous places to gather and exchange ideas, obtain advice, share our expertise, form relationships that extend beyond the confines of an office building. The Why πŸ”—One of those places is Discord and Slack as well as on Freenode in the #powershell channel. The Discord and Slack are bridged together by a bot. This bot also loops in Freenode in a channel known as #bridge.