Cory Knox


A new site? Of course there is...

So I've have this domain for just about two years now. What have I done with it? Exactly nothing!

So... I've been eyeing up Statiq for a while. Finally I've moved my old site over to this one, with all of the blog posts. ... Read more

Configuring ChocolateyGUI for non admin use

The other day I needed to fix something on my children's laptops. This brought to my attention that when I set them up I had given them admin. Naturally this is not an ideal setup. But the issue becomes: How do I grant them the ability to install software without ... Read more

Announcing #BridgeConf

What is the best part of the PowerShell community? That's an excellent question. As a community, we have numerous places to gather and exchange ideas, obtain advice, share our expertise, form relationships that extend beyond the confines of an office building. ... Read more

A Foray into vscode-powershell

This is a foray into getting started with the vscode-powershell extension. In particular noting some of the perhaps less obvious things I needed to do in order to get it to build on Ubuntu 18.04. ... Read more