Cory Knox

Published: 2018-07-03

WARNING: This post is from many years in the past, it's information may be outdated and/or no longer correct.

So, you have this great idea for a VS Code extension? But perhaps you’re thinking “where do I start?” Well, fear not! for I have written this post to tell you the answer!

Oh? Were you expecting me to have the answer? Well, you see the truth is I have no idea. I just took some code, put some other code in it, and it worked (well sorta).

But for reals: Decide if you want to use TypeScript or JavaScript (I picked TypeScript because all the samples were in TypeScript). Then take a look at to get your first example done.

If like me you have little experience with TypeScript, it is worth reading through this one to try and understand what it is doing. Also take a look at the examples: I went here to look at the tree-view-sample for the one I’m working on.