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So you want to make a VS Code extension

So, you have this great idea for a VS Code extension? But perhaps you're thinking "where do I start?" Well, fear not! for I have written this post to tell you the answer! ... Read more

Windows Print Services in a not-XP world

Recently I've had the "pleasure" of troubleshooting Windows print services... You see, we use a CUPS server and samba on Linux to host our printers. We then have a script look at the samba server and map to the CUPS printers using IPP printing. It would seem that on 64 ... Read more

Shutdown vs Restart in Windows 8+

Here's a quick one I learned watching a recent episode of Defrag tools. Turns out, if you choose Shutdown from the Windows start menu, it doesn't actually shutdown the system like it did in Windows 7 and earlier. ... Read more